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Photo of Dr. Lawrence Kline Dr. Lawrence Kline
Photo of Dr. Judd Landsberg Dr. Judd Landsberg

Dr. Landsberg’s clinical interests include medical education and delivery of pulmonary and critical care medicine to veterans.   His investigative interests include biomarkers for the diagnosis of sepsis and pneumonia, research bronchoscopy, and pulmonary vascular disease.

Photo of Dr. Jinghong Li Dr. Jinghong Li

Dr. Li’s clinical interests include asthma, interstitial lung disease and lung cancer.   Her investigative interests include innate immunity in inflammatory lung disease, molecular mechanism of cystic and fibrotic lung disease, and novel therapeutic target in lung cancer.

Photo of Dr. Willis Li Dr. Willis Li

Dr. Li’s investigative interests include JAK/STAT signaling and innate immunity, epigenetic mechanisms of tumor suppression and tumorigenesis, and the role of heterochromatin in aging and in stem cells.

Photo of Dr. Matt Light MD Dr. Matt Light
Photo of Dr. Jose Loredo Dr. Jose Loredo

Dr. Loredo’s clinical and investigative interests are regarding the treatment and investigation of patients with sleep disorders.  He is currently conducting a large epidemiological NIH sponsored study to evaluate the ethnic differences in sleep-health and sleep-health knowledge between Hispanics of Mexican descent and Caucasians in San Diego County. He is also interested in the association of snoring-sleep apnea and nocturnal asthma exacerbation.…

Photo of Dr. Atul Malhotra Dr. Atul Malhotra

Dr. Malhotra’s investigative interests include the pathogenesis of sleep apnea, the metabolic/cardiovascular complications of sleep disorders, and mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Photo of Dr. Jess Mandel Dr. Jess Mandel

Dr. Mandel’s clinical interests include hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia and critical care.   His investigative interests include pulmonary vascular disease and medical education.

Photo of Dr. Omar Mesarwi Dr. Omar Mesarwi

Dr. Mesarwi’s clinical interests include critical-care medicine, sleep medicine, and metabolic syndrome and obesity. His research interests include obstructive sleep apnea and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and glucose and lipid metabolism in hypoxia.

Photo of Dr. Philippe Montgrain Dr. Philippe Montgrain

Dr. Montgrain’s clinical interests include lung cancer, acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and pulmonary procedures.  His research interests include lung cancer, parathyroid hormone-related protein, kinase signaling in lung cancer, sex hormone signaling in lung cancer, and sex-based differences in lung cancer.

Photo of Dr. Timothy Morris Dr. Timothy Morris

Dr. Morris’ clinical interests include general pulmonary medicine, acute pulmonary thromboembolic disease, and critical care.  His investigative interest is acute pulmonary thromboembolic disease.

Photo of Dr. Matthew Nobari Dr. Matthew Nobari

Dr. Nobari’s special interests include education, quality and clinical improvement process management, diagnostic bronchoscopy, COPD and sepsis.

Photo of Dr. Henry J. Orff Dr. Henry Orff
Photo of Dr. Jeremy Orr Dr. Jeremy Orr

Dr. Orr’s clinical interests include critical care medicine, chronic respiratory failure, neuromuscular disease, and sleep disordered breathing.  His investigative interests include control of breathing, pulmonary hypertension in sleep apnea, and sleep apnea phenotyping.

Photo of Dr. Robert Owens Dr. Robert Owens

Dr. Owens’ clinical interests include sleep medicine and critical care.   His investigative interests include the pathogenesis of sleep apnea, sleep apnea and chonic lung disease, sleep and delirium in the ICU, and mechanical ventilation in acute lung injury.

Photo of Dr. Demosthenes Papamatheakis Dr. Demosthenes Papamatheakis

Dr. Papamatheakis’ clinical interests include pulmonary vascular disease and critical care medicine.  His investigative interests include pulmonary vascular contractility and pathophysiology of pulmonary hypertension.

Photo of Dr. David Poch Dr. David Poch

Dr. Poch’s clinical interests include pulmonary hypertension, cardiopulmonary physiology and critical care.  His investigative interests include novel therapies for the treatment of pulmonary vascular disease and new approaches to assessing disease severity and response to treatment of pulmonary vascular disease.

Photo of Dr. Venktesh Ramnath Dr. Venktesh Ramnath
Photo of Dr. Andrew Ries Dr. Andrew Ries

Dr. Ries’ clinical and investigative interests include pulmonary rehabilitation, evaluating health outcomes in chronic lung diseases, and pulmonary and excercise physiology.

Photo of Dr. Timothy Rodwell Dr. Timothy Rodwell

Dr. Rodwell’s research is primarily focused on tuberculosis (TB) with an emphasis on the molecular epidemiology of drug resistance and development and implementation of rapid molecular diagnostics for TB and acute febrile syndromes. He is currently leading a large multinational study to develop and field test a novel, table-top platform for clinical diagnosis of XDR-TB (R01AI111435), and is Project Director of a CFAR study to demonstrate that quantifiable, phenotypic drug resistance to fluoroquinolone antibiotics can be reliably predicted by rapidly detectable mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb).…

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