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Photo of Dr. Mona Alotabi MD Dr. Mona Alotabi
Photo of Dr. Christopher Amann MD Dr. Christopher Amann
Photo of Dr. Jeff Barry MD Dr. Jeff Barry
Photo of Dr. Amy Bellinghausen MD Dr. Amy Bellinghausen
Photo of Dr. Ian N. Britton MD Dr. Ian Britton
Photo of Dr. Ken Chen MD Dr. Ken Chen
Photo of Dr. Abhishek Gadre MD Dr. Abhishek Gadre
Photo of Dr. Thomas Heacock MD Dr. Thomas Heacock
Photo of Dr. Abdurrahman Husain MD Dr. Abdurrahman Husain

Dr. Husain came to United States after completing medical school in Pakistan to join Emory University, Atlanta, as a research scholar in the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care. He spent two years participating in various clinical research projects on ARDS and sepsis, subsequently developing a keen interest in sepsis biomarkers. He then went on to train as an internal medicine resident in Atlanta and was actively involved in the sepsis committee that looked at compliance with sepsis bundles.…

Photo of Dr. Ian Joel MD Dr. Ian Joel
Photo of Dr. Jisha Joshua MD Dr. Jisha Joshua
Photo of Dr. Michael Lam MD Dr. Michael Lam
Photo of Dr. Matt Light MD Dr. Matt Light
Photo of Dr. Erica Lin MD Dr. Erica Lin
Photo of Dr. Ryan Nelson MD Dr. Ryan Nelson

Dr. Nelson was born and raised in Rockford, IL. As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, he gained exposure to medicine by volunteering at Children’s Memorial Hospital and also had his first research experience working in a lab investigating the effect of tRNA structure on translation. In medical school, he continued his research pursuits, participating in basic science investigation on the effect of dietary monosaccharides in the virulence of pseudomonas.…

Photo of Dr. Darrell Nettlow MD Dr. Darrell Nettlow
Photo of Dr. Brandon Nokes MD Dr. Brandon Nokes
Photo of Dr. Mazen Odish MD Dr. Mazen Odish

Dr. Odish was raised in Tempe, Arizona, where he completed his undergraduate and medical training. He then completed his residency at UC San Diego in internal medicine and pediatrics in 2013, and is currently board certified in both fields. His interest in intensive care started in medical school during his physiology courses, and Dr. Odish is planning on continuing ICU based research during fellowship.…

Photo of Dr. Sagar Patel MD Dr. Sagar Patel
Photo of Dr. Alexandra Rose MD Dr. Alexandra Rose

Dr. Rose was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and spent the majority of her childhood in San Diego, California. She has a passion for liberal arts, which led to a major in film studies in college, but her love of helping others ultimately prompted her to pursue a career in medicine. Baylor College of Medicine provided the foundation for strong clinical skills and knowledge, as well as her first exposure to the intensive care unit.…

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