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Photo of Dr. Mona Alotabi MD Dr. Mona Alotabi
Photo of Dr. Christopher Amann MD Dr. Christopher Amann

Dr. Amann is originally from New Brunswick, NJ. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and then attended Jefferson Medical College. He was the recipient of a Uniformed Health Professions Scholarship from the United States Navy, and upon completion of his MD came to San Diego for post-graduate training. During his Naval career he has also received training in Diving and Undersea Medicine, and has served as an Undersea Medical Officer with Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Manama, Bahrain, as well as at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, CA.…

Photo of Dr. Jacob Bailey MD Dr. Jacob Bailey
Photo of Dr. Laura Barnes MD Dr. Laura Barnes
Photo of Dr. Jeff Barry MD Dr. Jeff Barry
Photo of Dr. Amy Bellinghausen MD Dr. Amy Bellinghausen

Dr. Bellinghausen grew up in Portland, OR, moving southward for college in the beautiful Napa Valley. She attended medical school and residency at Loma Linda University before coming to UCSD for fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care. While in residency, she was the two-time recipient of the William Von Pohle Award in Critical Care, chosen by the nurses and respiratory therapists of the medical ICU to honor one resident who excelled in critical care medicine.…

Photo of Dr. Daniel Bond MD Dr. Daniel Bond
Photo of Dr. Ian N. Britton MD Dr. Ian Britton
Photo of Dr. Ken Chen MD Dr. Ken Chen
Photo of Dr. Sean DeWolf MD Dr. Sean DeWolf
Photo of Dr. Abhishek Gadre MD Dr. Abhishek Gadre

Dr. Gadre joined UCSD as a Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellow in 2018. He attended medical school at Maulana Azad Medical College (New Delhi) and received a national scholarship for being one of the top 20 students amongst more than 2,00,000 applicants in the country. Dr. Gadre completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland OH, during which he developed a special interest in patients with lung diseases, and care of critically ill patients.…

Photo of Dr. Abdurrahman Husain MD Dr. Abdurrahman Husain

Dr. Husain came to United States after completing medical school in Pakistan to join Emory University, Atlanta, as a research scholar in the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care. He spent two years participating in various clinical research projects on ARDS and sepsis, subsequently developing a keen interest in sepsis biomarkers. He then went on to train as an internal medicine resident in Atlanta and was actively involved in the sepsis committee that looked at compliance with sepsis bundles.…

Photo of Dr. Ian Joel MD Dr. Ian Joel
Photo of Dr. Michael Lam MD Dr. Michael Lam

Dr. Lam is a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong. He grew up in San Francisco, California, and graduated from UC Berkeley. He was hooked onto research during his time at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He dived into sequencing genomes of various species as part of the effort for the Human Genome Project in Dr. Jan-Fang Cheng’s lab.…

Photo of Dr. Erica Lin MD Dr. Erica Lin

Dr. Lin was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. During her undergraduate training at Duke University, she developed a passion for medicine while investigating the impact of hyperglycemia in patients on total parenteral nutrition. While earning her medical degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham, she analyzed coagulopathy in ventilator-associated pneumonia. While she was completing her residency at Mayo Clinic, she studied a broad range of disease processes in both Pulmonary and Critical Care fields, solidifying her decision to pursue a career in this field.…

Photo of Dr. W. Cameron McGuire MD Dr. W. Cameron McGuire

Dr. McGuire was born in Chicago, but raised in Baltimore, MD. In college he became fascinated by the history of science and medicine and wrote his history thesis on the sociology of Charles Darwin’s concept of natural selection. Since college he has followed a circuitous path with stops at: the NIH doing research on cardiac myocyte survival and vascular smooth muscle cell migration, the University of Chicago doing research on DNA repair following exposure to ionizing radiation or cisplatinum, Tulane University doing research on the role of endothelin signaling in intrarenal renin production, and University of Colorado doing research on heart failure medication adherence and nonpharmacologic interventions for the acute respiratory distress syndrome.…

Photo of Dr. Darrell Nettlow MD Dr. Darrell Nettlow
Photo of Dr. Brandon Nokes MD Dr. Brandon Nokes

Dr. Nokes is originally from Atlanta, GA. He lived there through graduate school before moving to Tucson, AZ where he was the lab manager for a translational breast cancer research lab at the University of Arizona. He then attended medical school at the University of Arizona, where he graduated as a member of the prestigious organization Alpha Omega Alpha.…

Photo of Dr. Mazen Odish MD Dr. Mazen Odish

Dr. Odish was raised in Tempe, Arizona, where he completed his undergraduate and medical training. He then completed his residency at UC San Diego in internal medicine and pediatrics in 2013, and is currently board certified in both fields. His interest in intensive care started in medical school during his physiology courses, and Dr. Odish is planning on continuing ICU based research during fellowship.…

Photo of Dr. Sagar Patel MD Dr. Sagar Patel
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