The UCSD School of Medicine ranks 15th in the nation for research and 26th for primary care in the latest edition of “America’s Best Medical Schools” from U. S. News & World Report.  |  Read the full story from the UCSD Newsroom

Standing out for UCSD in the internal medicine-related specialty rankings is the HIV/AIDS training program, which is 8th in the U.S.The rankings were announced last week as part of “America’s Best Graduate Schools 2010.”Patient care programs are ranked in a separate edition, “America’s Best Hospitals,” to be released in July.

Behind the Medical School Rankings

Each year, U. S. News & World Report invites the 142 accredited U.S. medical schools to provide their own program data and to assess the quality of other schools’ programs for the “Best Medical Schools” rankings.

The research ranking depends most heavily on two indicators: peer assessments from other schools and research activity as indicated by NIH funding.

At 15th in the nation for research, UCSD is third highest among the UC medical schools. UCSF is ranked 5th for research and UCLA is 11th.

The research ranking included 120 schools this year.

The primary care ranking, which included 119 schools this year, depends largely upon other schools’ assessments and the proportion of graduates who enter primary-care specialties.

UCSD’s primary care ranking is up from 35th last year.

Over the past three years, 42% of the medical school graduates from UCSD have entered a primary-care specialty. Within the UC system, that proportion ranges from a high of 44% (UCLA) to a low of 37.6% (UCSF).

The research and primary care rankings also take into account the admissions selectivity and the faculty to student ratio at each school.

The specialty rankings are determined entirely by nomination from the deans and senior faculty of all the schools surveyed.

More information about the U.S. News & World Report ranking methodology can be found here.

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