Epigenetic changes also associated with 19 percent increased risk of mortality —

Thanks to combination antiretroviral therapies, many people with HIV can expect to live decades after being infected. Yet doctors have observed these patients often show signs of premature aging. Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have applied a highly accurate biomarker to measure just how much HIV infection ages people at the cellular level — an average of almost five years.

The study is published April 21 in Molecular Cell. … Read the Full Story from the UC San Diego Newsroom

Trey Ideker, PhD

Trey Ideker, PhD

Trey Ideker, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Bioengineering, is co-corresponding author of the study report in Molecular Cell (article access for UC San Diego only).

Other Department of Medicine authors include Andrew M. Gross, Philipp A. Jaeger, Jason F. Kreisberg and Katherine Licon.

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