UCSD’s hospitalists, teaming with the Department of Pharmacy, have won funding for a new quality improvement project to make hospital stays safer for diabetic patients.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Research and Education Foundation has awarded one of its two 2008 Hospital Pharmacist-Hospitalist Collaboration Research Grants to the UCSD Division of Hospital Medicine and the Department of Pharmacy.Hospitalist Gregory Maynard, M.D., M.Sc., and pharmacist Kevin W. Box, Pharm.D., are the principal investigators.

“With the help of other team members, we expect to achieve meaningful improvement”

Dr. Greg MaynardDr. Maynard is Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine and a nationally recognized leader in quality improvement and patient safety.

“It definitely takes a multidisciplinary team to create a design change in health care delivery and then carry it out successfully,” Dr. Maynard says.

“We are fortunate that the hospitalists and pharmacists work so well together.

“With the help of other team members, we expect to achieve meaningful improvement with this transition from insulin infusion, just as we have with other related projects.”

Along with Dr. Maynard, hospitalists Dr. Pedro Ramos and Dr. Diana Childers are key participants for the Division of Hospital Medicine. Both are assistant clinical professors.

UCSD’s project will test a multidisciplinary model for managing diabetic inpatients’ blood glucose levels in the first 48 hours after an insulin infusion.

The goal is to find an effective team protocol that can be adapted easily for use in other areas.

Other quality improvement projects: success in VTE prevention

UCSD’s hospitalists are involved in several patient care quality improvement projects. These include an ongoing venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention program that has set a national benchmark for patient safety.

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About the ASHP grant program

The ASHP Research and Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving patients’ health and well-being through the appropriate, safe and effective use of medications.

The Foundation’s Hospital Pharmacist-Hospitalist Collaboration Research Grant Program supports innovative projects for improving patient care in hospitals and health systems.

This year, applicants were invited to submit proposals for improving glycemic control in hospitalized patients. The UCSD project won the grant in a highly competitive field.

Hospitalist-Pharmacy team awarded ASHP grant in 2007 as well

This is UCSD’s second consecutive year as an ASHP grant award winner.

Last year, the Division of Hospital Medicine and the Department of Pharmacy received the award for its “Hospitalist and Pharmacist VTE Treatment Protocol Collaborative.”

In that project, Dr. Maynard was Hospitalist Investigator and Dr. Robert Weibert, Pharm.D., was Pharmacist Investigator.

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