Researchers exploit gene position to test “histone code”

In a novel use of gene knockout technology, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine tested the same gene inserted into 90 different locations in a yeast chromosome – and discovered that while the inserted gene never altered its surrounding chromatin landscape, differences in that immediate landscape measurably affected gene activity. … Read the full story from the UCSD Newsroom

Trey Ideker, PhD

Led by Trey Ideker, PhD, researchers in the UCSD departments of bioengineering, biological sciences, and medicine collaborated in the study, which was published online this week in Cell Reports.

Ideker is professor of bioengineering and medicine and chief of the Division of Medical Genetics in the Department of Medicine.

The study investigators include Lorraine Pillus, PhD, professor and chair of the Section of Molecular Biology in the Division of Biological Sciences at UCSD, whose laboratory focuses on investigating chromosomal and chromatin effects on the expression of genes.

Citation for the study report: Chen M, Licon K, Otsuka R, Pillus L, and Ideker T. (2013) Decoupling Epigenetic and Genetic Effects through Systematic Analysis of Gene Position. 10.1016/j.celrep.2012.12.003   Read the article abstract.

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