With a new $700,000 grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UCSD’s innovative Med Into Grad education program will expand over the next four years.  |  Read the full story from UC San Diego News

Launched in 2006, the UCSD Med Into Grad program offers biomedical graduate students the opportunity to receive 10-12 weeks of clinical instruction during their doctoral training.

Under the guidance of physician mentors, the graduate students immerse in patient care settings that relate directly to their thesis work.  |  Read our profile of a Med Into Grad student

With this stint of medical training, the Med into Grad program aims to inspire the new basic researchers with a passion for developing the treatments and diagnostic tools that patients most urgently need.

The program founders and co-directors of Med Into Grad are Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, MACP, Helen M. Ranney Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine, and Mark P. Kamps, PhD, Professor of Pathology.

Visit the UCSD Med Into Grad website for a program description and students’ personal accounts of their Med Into Grad experiences.

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