Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the University of California San Diego is seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow to perform research in the area of inflammatory lung disease and host defense. Dr. Crotty Alexander’s research focuses on health effects of e-cigarettes, airway inflammation and host defenses, using both animal models and human subjects. The lab leverages animal models to define health effects of chronic vaping. Samples from human subjects are assessed utilizing a number of techniques, including ex vivo cellular function assays (neutrophils and monocytes), RNAseq, protein arrays, basic histopathological analysis and flow cytometry. The ideal candidate will be a team player with experience in human clinical/translational research, animal-based research, in vitro / ex vivo assays, or all of the above.

The overall duties and responsibilities for this position are:

  • to develop and iteratively refine hypothesis-driven approaches;
  • to perform experiments using mouse animal models and/or human-derived tissue
  • to perform experiments and collect data; to evaluate experimental data and establish the relevance to experimental problems under investigation; and
  • to prepare research results for publication in reports, papers, journals, books, and other media.

Qualifications Required and Preferred Academic Background

Candidates should have PhD, MD, or equivalent terminal/doctoral degree, and interests in inflammatory lung diseases, immune responses to inhalational exposures, such as e-cigarettes, and functions of cells of host defense (neutrophils and monocytes). Candidates are expected to have experience in immunology, with knowledge of flow cytometry and cell biology. This position will be under the supervision of faculty mentor(s). Expectations include (but are not limited to):

  1. Manages their own project, with the intent of producing first author publication(s)
  2. Will design new in vitro, ex vivo and/or in vivo experiments
  3. Quantitative analysis of data and graphing
  4. Organize reports and communicate results from experiments to faculty mentor(s) and project team
  5. Flexible team-based attitude suitable for a research environment
  6. Develops proficiency in their chosen scientific discipline/field

To apply, please provide a CV and contact information for three referees. If you are interested in this research position, please contact Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander at lcrotty@health.ucsd.edu.

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