Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center Is Going Red

Research Presentation and Go Red Lighting Ceremony on Feb. 6

The Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, UC San Diego Health System

Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, UC San Diego Health System

The San Diego American Heart Association and UC San Diego Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center invite you to join them for a special research reception program and the annual Go Red for Women building lighting ceremony. The evening will begin with a presentation about the lifesaving cardiovascular research we are conducting in partnership with the American Heart Association. Distinguished speakers from UC San Diego will include … View the details from UC San Diego Health System

Wolfgang H. Dillmann, MD

Wolfgang H. Dillmann, MD

A distinguished speaker at the Go Red event is Wolfgang H. Dillmann, MD, Helen M. Ranney Distinguished Professor and Chief, Department of Medicine.

Two other Department of Medicine faculty members are presenting their research at the Go Red event.

Kirk U. Knowlton, MD

Kirk U. Knowlton, MD, at right, is Edith and William M. Perlman Chair in Clinical Cardiology and chief of the Division of Cardiology.

Dr. Farah SheikhFarah Sheikh, PhD, left, is assistant professor in the Department of Medicine and member of the faculty in the biomedical sciences graduate program.

UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center Honored for Design Excellence

The Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, UC San Diego Health System

Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, UC San Diego Health System

The region’s only comprehensive cardiovascular facility receives 2012 Modern Healthcare Award

UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center has received Modern Healthcare’s highest design honor, the 2012 Modern Healthcare Design Award. Out of more than one hundred entries, only one other project received this honor in 2012. … Read the full story from the UCSD Newsroom

Drs. Daniel G. Blanchard and Barbara A. Parker: Profiles from “San Diego’s Top Doctors 2008”

Drs. Daniel G. Blanchard and Barbara A. Parker are among 25 Department of Medicine physicians who were named to the 2008 “San Diego’s Top Doctors” list.Here, they comment on their selection as Top Doctors and on their work at UC San Diego.

Read the full story about the Department of Medicine honorees here.

Daniel G. Blanchard, M.D.
Chief of Clinical Cardiology
UCSD Thornton Hospital

Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Cardiology

“It’s a testament to UCSD’s clinical excellence that we have more physicians on the ‘Top Doctors’ list than any other medical center in San Diego,” said Dr. Daniel G. Blanchard, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Chief of Clinical Cardiology at UCSD Thornton Hospital.

Daniel G. Blanchard, M.D.

Dr. Blanchard has been named to San Diego Magazine’s “Top Doctors” list five times in the six-year history of the list.

Of his selection again this year, he said simply, “It’s a real honor to hear that your peers think you’re doing a good job.”

Dr. Blanchard, a fellow of the American College of Cardiology, has been at UCSD since 1981. He graduated from the UCSD School of Medicine, and trained in the Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Cardiology Fellowship Program at UCSD.

He’s now director of the UCSD Cardiology Fellowship Training Program.

“It’s an exciting time in the Division of Cardiology because we’re expanding,” he said. “And, frankly, it’s a pleasure.

“Our main missions are to maintain the excellence of our patient care, increase our ability to see additional patients, and develop the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center.”

The Sulpizio Center, now under construction, is expected to open in 2010.

Cardiology is a popular subspecialty of internal medicine, Dr. Blanchard said. Each year, over 450 physicians apply for the four available training slots in the highly-regarded UCSD Cardiology Fellowship Program.

One reason for the popularity of cardiology among internal medicine trainees, he said, is the availability of new tools and treatments that have been developed in recent years. Today, cardiologists often have good news for their patients even in the face of life-threatening illness.

He gave an example. “In the past,” he said, “a patient with advanced heart failure had only one option: a heart transplant. Now, we have medications and implantable devices that improve the function of a failing heart.

“I often get to tell people, ‘You have a very serious disease, but we have very good treatments for it, and we’re going to get you through this.’”

Barbara A. Parker, M.D.
Medical Director of Oncology Services
Moores UCSD Cancer Center

Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Hematology-Oncology

Dr. Barbara A. Parker is Medical Director of Oncology Services at the Moores UCSD Cancer Center. Recently, she reflected on her first year in that role.

Barbara A. Parker, M.D.

“We have made progress on many fronts,” she said, crediting the Cancer Center team, the University, the hospital, and the clinical enterprise for their support.Dr. Parker is Professor of Clinical Medicine in the UCSD Division of Hematology-Oncology, where she received her own fellowship training. She accepted the Cancer Center leadership position in late 2007.

In the past year, the Cancer Center has reorganized the faculty into discipline-based teams, made infrastructure investments, grown the clinical practice, increased the volume of patients being treated, and undertaken key recruitments to complement strengths in the faculty.

Dr. Parker sees the Cancer Center as the heart of a multidisciplinary care system that extends through UCSD’s facilities and outward to the greater community.

The Cancer Center and Radiation Oncology are opening a satellite radiation therapy facility in the North County. A new satellite facility is planned for the South Bay as well.

In addition, in response to an increased demand, the Cancer Center is expanding its own radiation oncology facility.

The Cancer Center is also offering seminars in key tumor areas to educate patients about the services and the care available there.

“We’re continuing to try to strengthen our patient-centered care for all disciplines,” Dr. Parker said. “There are many opportunities to develop novel treatments and targeted therapies for our patients.

“Our goal is to provide multidisciplinary care with compassion, new treatment, and new hope for our patients and their families.”

Dr. Anthony N. DeMaria receives Einthoven Medal

Anthony N. DeMaria, M.D., has received the prestigious Einthoven Medal and delivered the 28th annual Einthoven Lecture in Leiden, The Netherlands, in January.

The lectureship and medal honored Dr. DeMaria for his contributions in cardiac imaging. They were presented during the 4th Leiden Cardiology Course at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Dr. DeMaria is Professor of Medicine, Judith and Jack White Chair in Cardiology and Head of the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center at UC San Diego Medical Center.

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from the Einthoven Foundation Cardiology Information Portal

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