UCSD is now offering free, confidential testing that can detect HIV in the very early stages of infection.

The “Early Test” reveals an infection with HIV, the retrovirus that can lead to AIDS, as early as one week after exposure.

This is significantly earlier than standard HIV tests, which check for blood antibodies that may not be detectable for up to three months after an individual becomes infected.

HIV is highly infectious in the early stages, according to Dr. Susan Little, UCSD Associate Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases.

Both for that reason and because treatment options differ depending on the stage of HIV infection, early detection is extremely important.

UCSD is collaborating with the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency to offer the Early Test at several San Diego sites.

For more information about the Early Test, please call 877-323-5050 or visit the UCSD Early Test website.

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